Apple iCloud Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Apple iCloud Login:

How to Log into your Apple iCloud Account:

1. Logging into the Apple iCloud is actually pretty easy if you now where to start. The place to go first is: This is the official Apple login page for iCloud.
2. First of all, type your Apple ID into the top section, as it is marked.
3. Second, you need to type your password into the password section. If you just stopped thinking that you don't remember your password, go ahead and skip to the set of instructions below for help.
4. To finish up with this login process, just press the enter or return key on your keyboard to move on. If this does not work, just click on the little grey circle with an arrow in it. You should not be done with the login process.


How to Reset your Apple iCloud Password:

1. If you forgot or need to reset your password for any reason, these instructions will help. Either way, start out on the login page mentioned above. On this page, there is actually a link (rather well hidden) to help you reset a forgotten password. It is on the bottom and it says "forgot ID or Password?"
2. Now, click on this link. It will take you to the iForgot page. On this page you will see a little box near the right side of the page that you can type your apple ID into. You need to do this to get a new password, so hopefully you remember this number.
3. When you have finished typing this in, move on to the blue "next" button.
4. When you have pressed this button, you will be lead through the rest of the process, which is really self-explanatory if you have gotten this far following these instructions. In minutes you should have access to your iCloud again.

Contact Information for Apple:

1. Visit this page to contact support:
2. Write to Apple at:
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
3. Call Apple support: